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From Prejudice to Praise

Benny Hazlehurst

Rev. Benny Hazlehurst

It was good to meet once again at Holland House, in the beautiful reaches of the Warwickshire Avon for our biannual conference early in March during which we held our Annual general Meeting.

One of our members, Benny Hazelhurst, gave us a resume of the process by which he came to accept the validity of homosexual relationships as a gift from God.

During the weekend he took us through the process of transformation from being fearful of who we were to self-acceptance. This usually left us in conflict with the religious communities to which we belonged and certainly one of our members was still battling with this conflict and leaving his church for one that was more accepting.

Benny was insistent that we had gone on far too long accepting the position of victim in our situations and moved us towards such acceptance of God’s gift to us that we should begin to see ourselves as ‘gift’ to the Church. It was no longer a case of ‘Let’s stand and fight our corner, and be vilified’, but ’Let’s show them what we can offer them’.

It was particularly good to have as last minute visitors for the Saturday a young lady accompanied by her mother. We all hope they felt welcomed and supported by being among us.

Brian Smith

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