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Our autumn conference is now, sadly, in the past, but if you still need to get away there’s still places at another weekend retreat at Holland House. We’re not organising this one but we’re sure it will be great!


Christ in the Rainbow   – An Advent retreat for LGBT people

               Holland House: 16th to 18th December 2016

In this weekend we can discover what the message of Advent and Christmas can mean in the context of our lives as gay, lesbian, bisexual men & women or transgendered people. Our colours of the Rainbow may lead us to this Christ event.


We remember that Christ was born in the midst of outcasts of his time. As queer men and women of faith we also experience that the religions of our time do not necessarily want us in their midst, yet we find our place, trust our journey and are blessed. As the Gospel tells, with Christ the light came into the world. In this season of long nights and darkness we will discover this light of Christ in us and find us in Christ.


Our time together will consist of talks and discussions, liturgy and meditation, prayer and visualisation with time for quiet reflection and rest. Wherever you are on your faith journey or whatever spiritual background you are from, you are welcome to participate.

Cost £ 155 includes accommodation, meals and refreshments. Friday at 6pm to Sunday at 2pm.

Retreat led by Urs Mattmann Acc. MBACP Author of COMING IN – Gays and Lesbians reclaiming the spiritual journey.

email: [email protected], tele: +44 (0)1386 860330

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Holland House is a Christian Retreat House in the ecumenical tradition offering a warm welcome to all.