for Lesbian and Gay Christians
welcomes people of all sexual orientations and any gender identity

About us


We are an inclusive fellowship

Are women welcome?
Very much so!

From its beginnings EF has had a tradition of welcoming women as well as men. Women and men work together in EF, on the committee and in arranging events. Many good friendships have been forged over the years between gay men and lesbian women in the group. Currently women make up over one-third of the membership and we are keen to increase this. We try to be alert to the needs of different people to share experiences creatively and supportively.

I’m not gay or lesbian – does that matter?

We welcome all who are in sympathy with the aims of the Fellowship regardless of sexuality. We have heterosexual members and are encouraged and helped by their support. We have members who would not or could not use the term ‘gay’,  ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, ‘transgender’ or ‘heterosexual’ to describe themselves. EF is for (i.e. on the side of) LGBT Christians, but it is not only for (i.e. open to) lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans people.

I’m not evangelical – can I join?

Our focus as a group is particularly for those who come from an evangelical background, but we welcome other people too! If what we offer is helpful to you, please join. All that we ask is that you respect the necessary evangelical bias of the group and the evangelical views that underpin it and which shape its language and life, as we would aim to respect and listen to your different experience and viewpoint.

Our ethos

The Evangelical Fellowship seeks to provide a place where

  • we collectively acknowledge God’s acceptance of ourselves and each other through Christ
  • people can meet in safety, mutual respect and openness for the purpose of spiritual growth and personal development
  • people from different backgrounds, at different stages of reconciliation of gay, Christian and other issues, can meet in an atmosphere of mutual support
  • people will be strengthened and encouraged to love and accept themselves and each other as they are, and to proceed along the pathway to wholeness.

With such freedom and acceptance come responsibilities which include

  • confidentiality
  • respect for people and property
  • an awareness that insensitive behaviour, comments or attitudes may make others feel unnecessarily excluded or threatened.

Our aim is that

  • you are made to feel welcome
  • you feel valued as a person
  • you may be aware of God’s presence and blessing.