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Mike Dark

EF/Affirm Autumn Conference 2014

Event date(s): Friday 24 – Sunday 26 October 2014
Venue: Holland House, Cropthorne, Worcestershire

Why I am still an Evangelical Christian

Led by: Rev. Roy Clements and Avril Mackenzie-Parr

Roy Clements

Roy Clements

As a young man, Roy Clements was a research chemist at Imperial College. Then, sensing the call of God in his life, he… Continue reading

What kind of life after death?

A hearty group of us met at Holland House for the Spring Conference Friday evening activity led by Brian Smith stated with a set of breathing exercises designed to get our lungs working to capacity, sending a good supply of… Continue reading

Who is Brenda Harrison?

Brenda Harrison

Brenda Harrison

Brenda Harrison, who died in 2010 at the age of 61, had worked tirelessly for the full inclusion of LGBT people in the Anglican Communion through her involvement with Changing Attitude.

Born in the east end of London,… Continue reading

From Prejudice to Praise

Benny Hazlehurst

Rev. Benny Hazlehurst

It was good to meet once again at Holland House, in the beautiful reaches of the Warwickshire Avon for our biannual conference early in March during which we held our Annual general Meeting.

One of our members,… Continue reading

Act of Witness at General Synod

The Evangelical Fellowship was present at an act of witness at February’s General Synod of the Church of England in London as part of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Anglican Coalition (LGBTAC).

Act of Witness at General Synod

Photo: Stefano Cagnoni

The member groups of… Continue reading