for Lesbian and Gay Christians
welcomes people of all sexual orientations and any gender identity

Mike Dark

Did we think we were alone?

Speakers from a variety of faith perspectives, Christian and otherwise, were invited to share with us how they related their beliefs about sexuality and their faith, and how their organisations helped others to do so. The House provided warm hospitality… Continue reading

An Introduction to Queer Theology

About 35 of us made our way for the familiar warm welcome and for this curiously named conference. In recent years, a number of theologians have developed ‘queer theologies’ that draw on queer theory to question and reinterpret Christian faith… Continue reading

What a Difference a Gay Makes

The Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians (EF) held its spring conference in the beautiful surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales. It was led by Rev. Dave Tomlinson vicar of St. Luke’s Church in Holloway, North London and author of… Continue reading

Civil Partnership Act

It takes some getting used to – this new found state ofcivil partnerships being included and not excluded. It feels like waking up one morning to find that the barriers outside which you have camped for so long have miraculously… Continue reading

A response to the Windsor Report

Living together with difference is the hardest thing for any group of people to do. The Windsor Report asks Anglicans world-wide to hush their noisesome strife and ‘make space’ for one another so that each may dare to see and… Continue reading