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The Christian Rock Star who came out

Vicky Beeching

Vicky Beeching

A very revealing article of an interview with Christian Rock Star, Vicky Beeching speaks of her journey to reconcille her faith and sexuality has been published by Huffington Post’s Jessica Elliott.

The article starts:

In the lyrics that Christian rock star Vicky Beeching sang at megachurches across the Bible belt, at evangelical festivals and rallies against gay marriage, you can hear she was hiding something.

“Deliverer, come set me free,
“Break every chain holding me

“Just say the word and I will be changed,
We’ll see Your face and we will not be the same.”

Kent-born Beeching, now a sought-after theologian and broadcaster, says she is now able to analyse those lyrics with fresh eyes, though she always knew deep down what she was really writing about – her struggle to accept both that she is devoutly Christian, and that she is gay.

“I do realise how unhappy I was most of the time, you can hear the tension,” she says, “I wrote a lot about the character of God too, from my academic work, because I found contemporary worship songs really quite vacuous.

“But if you look at the songs which are my personal expression to God, there’s a lot of calls for compassion and forgiveness, and healing. That was all part of the journey, praying for freedom from fear, to actually be myself, and also praying for freedom from my sexuality struggles.”

Elliott encouragingly concludes her interview

I am both challenged and inspired by her bravery, and am excited to see her grow as a really necessary voice in areas that have brought so much pain and division, I eagerly anticipate the progression and healing that I pray her leadership will help usher in. She seems to me, uniquely positioned and equipped with the knowledge, tact, and empathy to continue to be a huge force for good.”

Beeching cannot stop herself from grinning when she talks about her own future. “I have never been so happy, I keep smiling just walking down the street. I am myself, more so than ever.

The full article in on the Huffington Postwebsite