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Gay conversion ‘therapy’ on the way out?


Pink News reports that staff of the NHS in England have been instructed not to facilitate access to gay “cure” therapy. The NHS does not offer ‘gay conversion’ therapy directly, but some patients seeking to change their sexuality have been connected to organisations which do provide it by NHS staff.

An agreement has now been signed by fourteen organisations, including NHS England, which agrees that the controversial practice should not be offered to patients. ‘The Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy in the UK’ ensures that patients won’t be referred to the practices, deemed as damaging by a number of national and global health bodies.

It also ensures that training will be provided to NHS staff, in order to help them support LGBT people who seek such therapy.

Lord Black of Brentwood

Lord Black of Brentwood

This follows a campaign by Lord Black of Brentwood, the Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group to ban the practice.

He said: “I’m pleased that the government is so firmly against the principle of reparative therapy. But we need to do more. It’s time for these terrible practises to be banned by law, and I will be looking for an early opportunity to bring forward legislation on the matter for Parliament to consider.”

We commend Lord Bl;ack on his stand, as many people have been seriously damaged by this so called ‘therapy’, and wishes him God’s speed with his efforts.