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Reflection on the Appointment of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire

Bp. Gene Robinson

Bp. Gene Robinson

EFLGC is at the interface of Christian faith and sexuality, and many of us have developed and continue to develop in our understanding of these two aspects of our lives. The reflection below considers the ordination of a bishop who is in an active, committed, gay relationship and its effect on different people:

  • Delight that Gene Robinson has been elected as Bishop & it is a huge encouragement to
    LGBT people worldwide
  • Distress at the reactions of some other Christians – the strength of reaction and the language used has, at times, been appalling
  • Deep concern for LGBTs who are hurt by the bombardment of opposite views – the high media profile does much good in exposing more of the inadequacy of some viewpoints, but each time the issues hit the headlines many ordinary lives are raked over and some are shot down
  • Eagerness and renewed resolve to do all in our power to promote conversation, person to person, between those of differing viewpoints and to work towards a better place for all

Sigrid Rutishauser-James