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The appointment and withdrawal of Canon Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading

Canon Jeffrey John

Canon Jeffrey John

Within evangelical churches of all denominations there are lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians. Many remain silent about their sexuality for fear of ostracism, while those whose sexuality has become known have often been barred from positions of leadership or asked to leave the church. This means there is little to challenge the prevailing views within evangelical circles – views often based on the lack of knowledge of the real lives of lesbian and gay people.

The Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians is an organisation that aims to support evangelical Christians who are homosexual or seeking to explore their sexuality, to help others re-examine their understanding of sexuality, and to encourage members to witness their faith and their conviction about sexuality to others.

Canon Jeffrey John was appointed as Bishop of Reading in the Church of England on the basis of his abilities, potential and Christian calling. After welcoming the news of his appointment the EFLGC was dismayed at his subsequent withdrawal. These events and particularly the words spoken have stirred feelings of injustice, deep pain and fear amongst lesbians and gays, their families and friends.

Canon John has handled this situation with honesty, dignity and restraint. We hope the discussions which follow can
continue in this spirit, so that all concerned will speak and listen to one another with respect.