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It was great to be back at an EF Conference again with my partner Alan, and the renewed fellowship with many friends was both refreshing and welcome.

Ann and Ian Leck

Ann and Ian Leck

It was also a great joy to meet a number of new people that we had not seen before and to meet out main speaker for the weekend Ann Leck for the first time. Ann was a breath of fresh air and both in session and informally at mealtimes Alan and I enjoyed Ann’s fellowship, friendship and ministry. What a privilege to have such spiritual, warm and grounded speakers come to minister to us conference by conference.

Ann led a session on  stones which was especially significant for me as we were asked to pick up a stone that in some was represented ourselves? The first stone that I saw was large and white and stood out from the rest but before I could get hold of that someone else had picked it up so I had to be a bit more reflective about my second choice. The stone that I ended up with was an amalgam of smaller stones, shells and sand all bonded together under both pressure and heat. It looks a bit like to moon with it’s many lumps and bumps, is very rough and uneven and all of that reflects aspects of my life.

An amalgam of many parts with lots of lumps and bumps, forged under pressure from within and without that looks
pretty rough on the outside and not a thing of immediate beauty yet the more you look the more you see of the
masters hand in crafting a peculiar stone, with little or no value by human standards yet precious in the sight of
God and purchased at infinite cost by the blood of Christ.


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