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USA: Evangelical megachurch announces support for same-sex marriage

Pastor Stan Mitchell

Pastor Stan Mitchell

A ‘megachurch’ in Frankin, Tennessee has announced support for same-sex marriage, and to fully include LGBT people in its congregation.

The Grace Pointe Church voted to support same-sex marriage. Pastor Stan Mitchell on Friday revealed that the church had gone through two years of discussions around the issue, saying that they were “at times, devastating”.

Speaking on 11 January at a service, the pastor said he had heard stories both of “joy” and of “unspeakable pain” from participants.

He said he had been accused of betraying the evangelical community for deciding to support same-sex marriage.

Mitchell posted on the church’s website to say that all gay members of the congregation will see full privileges, and be honoured.

He wrote that the privileges will be extended “with the same expectations of faithfulness, sobriety, holiness, fidelity … and willingness as expected of all.”

We believe this is another ‘nail in the coffin’ of the claim that all evangelical churches are opposed to equal marriage. Well done Pastor Stan and Grace Point church.